Empower your
Digital Marketing
Team with AI

Transform your digital marketing with the power of data-driven insights by leveraging advanced AI technology from a conversational [AI] Data Assistant.

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Get A Dedicated
Marketing Analytics Team
Powered by AI

With your [AI] Data Assistant constantly monitoring your campaign performance, you can quickly identify underperforming campaigns and focus on making informed decisions.

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Encourage a
Data-Driven Culture
with Self-Service Analytics

Promote the use of data to guide marketers in their decision-making with the support of a dedicated [AI] DATA Assistant with expertise in reporting and conversion rate optimization.

Timely Reporting tailored to your needs

Having a dedicated [AI] Data Assistant working with each marketer knowing their focus, KPI’s and goals is a conversational AI solution developed to act as a member of your team.

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Analytics Help Desk
and Ticketing

[AI] Data Assistant can be your first-line support solution for marketing data and analytics requests; passes on complex questions to your Analytics team for deeper analysis.

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Monitoring and Alerts

Automate the monitoring of your marketing goal performance by keeping track of crucial business KPIs and get alerts to notify you when and why changes happen.

Easily share Insight
Across the Organization

Insights identified by your [AI] data assistant can be shared with individual colleagues or with the entire team or department to ensure everyone is focused on the same insight.

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Your next great marketing campaign is a conversation away

Upgrade your analytics game today with a self-service analytics tool, [AI] DATA Assistant will walk you through your marketing campaign.

Marketing Managers

Make informed marketing choices by creating your own data-driven stories and using those insights, rather than relying on guesses or personal beliefs.

Frontline Marketers

Create tailored customer interactions at every touchpoint to stand out in the crowd and retain customers through exceptional experiences.

Analytics Team

Empower Marketers to accurately self-serve and independently find answers, freeing up your time to focus on more important projects, instead of spending it on report generation.

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Unlock insight from
your Marketing Technology stack

Have one source of truth by connecting and feeding your marketing technology data into one intelligent platform.

What users are saying

"The Data Assistant has been a game-changer for us in how we manage digital analytics requests from our Digital Marketing teams. The speed and accuracy of the AI in responding to marketing analytics queries has allowed the Data and Analytics teams to focus on more deep-dive, qualitative analysis tasks."

Digital Analytics Manager – E-Commerce Company

"The Data Assistant has saved us countless hours of manual data analysis and provided us with actionable insights in real-time. This has allowed us to quickly optimize our campaigns and improve our conversion rates."

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist – Insurance Company

"I'm able to track KPIs in real-time, allowing me to make data-driven decisions on the fly. The AI has been a game-changer for my marketing efforts."

Marketing Coordinator/Specialist – Parcel Delivery Company

"With the Data Assistant, I no longer have to spend hours pouring over spreadsheets. The AI gives me quick and accurate insights into my campaign's performance, freeing up my time for more creative tasks."

Campaign Manager – Digital Advertising Agency

"As a Marketer I've always struggled with data analysis from tools like Adobe Analytics, but the Data Assistant makes it so easy! The AI provides me with quick answers to my questions, actionable insights, which has helped me improve my campaigns and achieve my goals."

Senior Marketing Manager – Global Car Brand

"I was skeptical at first, but the Data Assistant has completely transformed my approach to marketing analytics. The AI has changed my Digital Marketing teams works, they are quicker at identifying trends and optimizing their campaigns for better results."

Director of Digital Marketing – Lead Generation Company

"The Data Assistant is like having my own personal analytics expert! The AI helps me understand my data in a way that makes sense and provides me with recommendations for improvement. It's made a huge difference in my digital marketing efforts."

Senior Marketing Manager – Fintech Company